A customised CRM solution for OEMs.

Deploy a CRM solution that works to your requirements. Corporate environment CRM solutions manage customer communications for a variety of purposes, including warranty recall, product promotion, and service retention marketing. Sourced from data integration of disparate sources, a variety of tools allow the OEM to segment and analyse their prospect and customer data on demand.

OEM options include a data-integrated dealership CRM which works in lockstep with dealership DMS systems. This solution feeds dealers’ customers, vehicle sales, service and parts information back to the OEM – data which is then available for marketing and reporting. Comprehensive reporting tools mean customised reports can be generated on demand, to suit all requirements of brand management.

Solutions for dealer groups ensure consistent brand management.

Fully featured CRM tools for dealer groups’ head office environment, including overview of multi-channel customer journeys. Manage clear, consistent communications to all customers of the dealer group, regardless of individual dealership. The CRM tools allow for tactical message rollout and reporting back to head office, to segment and analyse prospect and customer data on demand. Ensure brand consistency through standardisation of campaigns and schedules for all customers across the dealer group.

For dealerships: the information you need, when you need it.

Work with OEMs and dealer groups, no matter their DMS and lead distribution programs. The multifunctional, intuitive dealdership solution provides dealership information on customers, vehicle sales, service and parts information – data then made available for marketing and reporting purposes as required. Smart and easy-to-use contact centre modules mean seamless integration with existing systems, and ensure the highest quality customer service is maintained.

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