Local industry leader to manage New Zealand-based autotech businesses

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND 2 October 2019 — Global automotive technology organisation Marque Group today announces the appointment of Mike Sexton to lead its New Zealand-based businesses, encompassing lead management and road-to-the-sale platform AutoPlay, and bespoke trade, B2B and B2E loyalty tech supplier, Smart Loyalty.

Previously leading Hamilton-based company Smart Loyalty, Mr Sexton has moved to Marque Group as Managing Director – New Zealand to spearhead local strategy across its businesses’ offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton. Supporting the growing suite of products and solutions to the automotive sales and aftersales sector across the country, he will work with Marque Group’s global leadership team to analyse and develop fresh ideas through innovation, growing the organisation and its offerings to the Kiwi automotive industry.

“Our heritage in New Zealand has been all about bringing new and innovative products and programmes to market that challenge, enable and drive change,” said Mr Sexton.

“At Marque Group, we are all about bringing the human element to the data, tech and dynamic tools; that’s what separates us.

“We can’t wait to launch the new features and products we have been working on to the market, and I’m so excited to be able to work with such a passionate, gifted and experienced collection of humans.”

Marque Group’s focus is to provide its automotive partners with tools that enable:
• Enabling meaningful connections with their key customers and stakeholders; and
• Enabling the identification and drivers of best practice behaviours through the right data and tools to save customers both time and money throughout the automotive data chain.

Marque Group and its businesses understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to supplying the automotive sector is out of step with the issues a challenging retail market presents, and so prides themselves on a bespoke approach to everything they do. Through this lens, they provide customised performance coaching to promote best practice in automotive dealerships to maximise sales revenue, as well as tailored B2E programmes designed to retain and incentivise the right behaviours at dealership sales level.

Operating in the pre-sales arena, AutoPlay is an automotive industry heavyweight in lead management and lead nurturing, providing solutions and insights to both dealerships and manufacturers since 2009. Smart Loyalty is a specialty loyalty solutions provider, including facilitating the GetGenuine programme, which incentivises and rewards trade purchase of genuine auto parts.

Marque Group’s other businesses based in Australia, the UK and continental Europe include Aura, a cutting-edge customer experience platform, automotive customer engagement solution THREE60 CRM, and Vital Software, a data solutions provider working to bridge the gap between OEMs, Dealer Groups and Dealerships.