Accurately track and report lead management, volumes and conversion ROI.

OEMs typically use third-party organisations to manage lead distribution to the dealer network – but also must be able to see the results of the dealer contact with those prospects. System differentiation means ROI has traditionally been difficult to determine when comparing lead volumes against delivered sales.

Marque solutions allow for lead collection by the OEM before distribution to the relevant dealer, via DMS, CMS or other dealer solution. This process allows for tracking of customer events and milestones, as well as the end-to-end customer journey leading to sales, integrating with leading CRM and DMS tools. Additionally, the resulting sales data from each lead can be pulled from either DMS and/or RDR data, ensuring a unique, full-circle view of each lead, their journey through the dealership as a prospect, the resultant of purchase history, and then, if required, their service history.

With speciality platforms to track and manage leads, our solutions aggregate all leads on one expert platform, helping salespeople navigate the road-to-the-sale more efficiently and effectively. ​Importantly, the clarity of leads, their distribution in a network and conversion information is made transparent, to facilitate more effective and informed decisions at both manufacturer and dealership levels.

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