State of the art lead management tools that help salespeople improve accuracy, efficiency and transparency.

In Market Leads enable salespeople to match new and price-dropped listings to those sales leads ​most likely to be interested. Leads can be categorised by customer interest – ‘cold’, ‘warm’ (for leads that reach test drive) or ‘hot’ (for leads that reach present deal status).

A configurable dashboard and built-in calendar for follow-up highlights the leads that need immediate action, to prioritise sales team workload and reduce oversight risk.

Easily keep on top of lead progress via a modified ‘road-to-the-sale’ list of milestones – helping forecast conversion to test drive and eventual sale.

For management, our lead management solutions are unmatched: automatically receive lead email and SMS alerts when new leads are received, or leads are allocated to members of the sales team, to streamline reporting and staff management tasks.

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